Maghama : plus de 2000 bénéficiaires d’une caravane organisée par ACTUME

Maghama: more than 2000 beneficiaries of a caravan organized by ACTUME

medecin traiteThe Association for the Development of Maghama (ADM) in partnership with the Association contre la TUberculose et les Maladies Endemic (ACTUME) based in Bordeaux in France, have just organized a medical caravan in the commune of Maghama from February 26 to 28 current.

On the morning of Friday February 26, 2016, an official ceremony to start the Medical Days took place in the grounds of the Maghama health center; in the presence of the local administrative authorities and the large population that came to attend this event.


On the way to Maghama and Tékane in Mauritania to save lives

The Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) will organize from February 24 to 28, 2016, a health caravan in the communes of Maghama and Tékane in Mauritania.

This action will be organized in collaboration with the Association Santé Tékane and the association for the Development of Maghama with the support of the Communication Agency "Swahifri Consulting" specializing among others in the field of solidarity development, the association Rivages N ' Diawane, from the Ministry of Health in Mauritania, Le Sothiou: Association d'Aide au Développement Dentaire, Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM) International specializing in the distribution of drugs.

The main objective is to first provide free care to the populations of the municipalities of Maghama and Tékane, then to detect and list certain common pathologies and finally to take care of or refer needy patients to more suitable health structures.

This event will concern the following specialties: general medicine, pediatrics, stomatology, ophthalmology, gynecology. To carry out this humanitarian action organized for the fourth successive year, we will need volunteers (doctors, pharmacists, opticians, etc.) medicines, communication kit, medical equipment, donations in kind, etc.

At the end of the caravan, a press conference will be organized on Friday March 4, 2016 at 5 p.m. - Hôtel Wissal in Nouakchott.

For information, during the last edition the number of patients consulted amounted to 2686 a progression of 902 patients (33,5%) compared to the second edition (1784 patients) and progression 72% compared to the first edition (704 patients) .We plan to achieve 4500 people the next edition.

For details, see the 2015 caravan review: download

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Dr Hamadine KANE, Médecin Colonel à la retraite

Dr Hamadine KANE, Retired Colonel Doctor

Dr Hamedine KANEDr Hamedine KANE,
Tékane Health Association (ARS)

Let me introduce myself: Doctor colonel Hamédine Kane. We are there for the health caravan organized by ACTUME and the Tékane Health Association (AST). The works started at 8 am. Everything is going as planned. The doctors are there, the distribution of drugs has been done in good conditions.

 For today, we have five sites to do: Tékane, Dara-Salam, Akher, Limharia and Medina Sokhaam. The teams are already in place. As you can see in Tékane, it is the same in the other sites. We will show it to you as we go.

We thank God for the current course of activities. Patients are starting to come in droves. The doctors are on the job. We thank God and thank you. May God help us to help ourselves. And those who are to thank, first, are our parents who had the intelligence to send us to school.

Now it's our turn to help. Our thanks go particularly to our dad, former director of the Tékane school, the late Abdoul Ciré KANE who was the major player in the education of young people in this village. Only God can pay for it.

Are you currently having difficulties?

No, no noticeable problem, as you know at the start is a bit tricky but thank God…!

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Translation by Oumar DIAGNE author of " Remember ! "

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Programme de la caravane de santé à Tékane en Mauritanie – 2015

Program of the health caravan in Tékane in Mauritania - 2015

Samba PAMSamba PAM, journalist at Sahel TV Mauritanie

This humanitarian action organized in collaboration withTékane Health Association whose goal is to work for the promotion of health in the municipality of Tékane; Communication agency "Swahifri Consulting" specializing among others in the field of solidarity development, theAssociation Rivages N'Diawane, involved in social and educational development in Tékane with the support of the Ministry of Health and the town hall of Tékane in Mauritania

Dear parents, dear brothers, dear listeners from Mauritania to Sahel TV. As promised, we visit different places in Fouta to find out what is going on there and disseminate it, whether in the field of culture, development or health.

Today, we are in Tékane, on the occasion of the third edition of the health caravan, organized by the association ACTUME, which is an association founded by members of our community living in France in collaboration with the living forces by Tékane.

On this day, populations from all around the vicinity of the Municipality of Tékane gathered to benefit from care. May God bless all those who participated in the success of this solidarity action.

One hand cannot do anything, that is why this action must be supported. It must also be done in such a way that it spreads. Now we just have to follow the actors of the caravan in the ten sites they visit.

We are together for the success of this campaign, because without health nothing is possible!

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Translation by Oumar DIAGNE author of " Remember ! "


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Conférence de presse – Santé à Tékane

Press conference - Health in Tékane

dr Coulybaly thierno OusmaneOn April 30, 2015 in Nouakchott, Mauritania, a press conference was held organized by ACTUME with the collaboration of theTékane Health Association whose goal is to work for the promotion of health in the municipality of Tékane, and the ACommunication agency "Swahifri Consulting" specializing among other things in the field of solidarity development.


Notre plaidoyer : la parole aux bénévoles

Our advocacy: volunteers have their say

Health for all in the commune of Tékane in Mauritania - April 24, 25 and 26

We are at the service of the health and well-being of the populations of the municipality of Tékane. In 2014 for the second edition, 1,796 patients could be treated with an increase of 75% of additional patients compared to the first edition. In 2015, we set ourselves the goal of exceeding the bar of 2,500 patients.

Our volunteer doctors testify: 6 minutes to convince ...