Caravane de santé 2017 à Maghama et Tékane : Bilan satisfaisant [PhotoReportage]

Health caravan 2017 in Maghama and Tékane: Satisfactory results [PhotoReportage]

4,051 consultations (2,141 in Tékane and 1910 in Maghama) in Mauritania

" Health needs are very great in Mauritania. We will have to put a lot of effort into going further. For this, we appeal for the involvement of everyone to go further. The reality is such that our action is only a drop in the sea ", has indicated Oumar Diagne from the Association NDiawane shores of Tékane, during the press conference review of the health caravan which took place simultaneously from February 17 to 19, in Maghama and Tékane.