Bilan de la caravane de santé 2016 à Maghama et Tékane

Review of the 2016 health caravan in Maghama and Tékane

viuel Tshirt CARAVANEYou have responded favorably to the call for donations and volunteers launched by our association for the benefit of our “Health Caravan in Maghama and Tékane in Mauritania” project. The amount collected is 28212 . We thank you warmly for your outpouring of solidarity.

This event brought together both Maghama and Tékane more than 100 health professionals. The specialties covered are among others: General Medicine, Dermatology, Stomatology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Diabetology (Glycemia), HIV-AIDS and Nutrition.


Tékane-Maghama : bilan de la caravane de santé 2016 – Conférence de presse [PhotoReportage]

Tékane-Maghama: review of the 2016 health caravan - Press conference [PhotoReportage]

confrence de presse le 4 mars nouakchott 25571742705 oOne hundred and forty two (142) health professionals and volunteers including fourteen from Senegal were mobilized in the district of Tékane during the fourth edition of the health caravan, communes of Tékane and Maghama, the committee said on Friday. organization.

Nine sites which depend on the district of Tékane were visited and during two days, some 3,385 people could be consulted, add the organizers of the Caravan of health, communes of Tékane and Maghama.


Maghama : plus de 2000 bénéficiaires d’une caravane organisée par ACTUME

Maghama: more than 2000 beneficiaries of a caravan organized by ACTUME

medecin traiteThe Association for the Development of Maghama (ADM) in partnership with the Association contre la TUberculose et les Maladies Endemic (ACTUME) based in Bordeaux in France, have just organized a medical caravan in the commune of Maghama from February 26 to 28 current.

On the morning of Friday February 26, 2016, an official ceremony to start the Medical Days took place in the grounds of the Maghama health center; in the presence of the local administrative authorities and the large population that came to attend this event.