ACTUME lauréate du prix « Afrique RSE Santé » 2022 – Catégorie Diapora

ACTUME winner of the 2022 “Africa CSR Health” prize – Diapora category

This trophy rewards our actions in Mauritania: health caravans and the Community Pharmacy and valorization of medicinal plants. Thank you very much to all our members, supporters, partners and volunteers.

The health caravans of the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) were born from the observation of a glaring lack of care suffered by the populations of the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania. They have made it possible to treat 17,000 patients. In addition, the problem of access to medicines arose after the caravans because of the distance from the points of sale but also of their cost. It was therefore necessary to set up a community pharmacy and solidarity within the community.

Africa CSR Health Forum 2022

Various CSR health prizes awarded

The trophies #Africa #RSE #Health 2022 rewarded outstanding initiatives in 5 categories. Check them out👇🏼

🏆 ASSOCIATION AGAINST TUBERCULOSIS AND ENDEMIC DISEASES (ACTUME) France/Mauritania (Diaspora) for the sustainability of the Health Caravans and Community Pharmacy projects in the Tékane region of Mauritania

🏆 CÉMOI Group, Côte d'Ivoire (Workplace) for multi-disease counseling and screening health caravans including screening for #tuberculosis #tent #itl

🏆 MAÏA Africa, Burkina Faso (Communities) for the project to protect internally displaced populations against #Palaria

🏆 Orange Guinea Foundation (Public-Private Partnership) for the Caravane Santé 3rd age counseling-screening project #diabetes and #HypertensionArterial, orientation/medical follow-up and drug support deployed in Conakry and in 3 regions in Guinea.

🏆 rock Côte d'Ivoire (Digital and Innovation) for the Innov'Keneya project, a health innovation network for the early detection and treatment of #cancers, developed as part of the Impact Hub Abibjan ecosystem.

Replay of Africa CSR Health Forum – November 18 2022

Africa CSR Health Forum

The Forum in pictures

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Inauguration de trois (3) projets solidaires à Tékane en Mauritanie

Inauguration of three (3) solidarity projects in Tékane in Mauritania

Press release – Tékane July 14, 2022

Ibirth of the Solar Pumping Plant, the Community Pharmacy and the Garden of Medicinal Plants in Tékane in Mauritania

  • 3 sister associations
  • 3 operations favoring the structuring of the local economy
  • A united village and actor of its own development

The Mauritanian diaspora like all those in the world has maintained a very strong link with its country of origin. Several solidarity actions are carried out by the latter, most of them anonymously. These actions are essential because they contribute to the development of the countries of the continent and the improvement of the well-being of the populations. The projects implemented affect practically all sectors of activity: health, agriculture, education, training, income-generating activities, etc.