L’ASPT s’associe à la campagne « Tous contre la Covid-19 à Tékane » en Mauritanie

The ASPT joins the campaign "All against Covid-19 in Tékane" in Mauritania

As part of the fight against Covid-19 in partnership with ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases), ASPT (Association Scolaire et Extracolaire de Tékane) organized awareness days and distribution of masks in the town of Tékane. The start of activities took place in the presence of district chief of the Municipality of Tékane, the municipal councilor, the director of the fishing wharf and representatives of the two Tékane markets.

Mauritanian television participated in these days by filming the entire ceremony inaugurated by the district chief at the center of the fishing wharf.

In addition, the ASPT devoted three days of awareness raising and distribution of masks in mosques, shops, bakeries and other public places (community pharmacy, tire extension workers, etc.)

All about the campaign in Tékane, watch the video series in local language (Pulaar) "Health / Covid-19": ASPT - " Rentaadé Burri Safraadé "

Consult the photo gallery of the Covid-19 campaign in Tékane

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Source : Souleymane DIOP, President of the Tékane School and Extracurricular Association
Watch our video series " Health / Covid-19 "In Pulaar:" Rentaadé Burri Safraadé ”

Opération tous contre la COVID-19 à Tékane – Merci aux donateurs

Operation all against COVID-19 in Tékane - Thank you to donors

Tous contre le Covid-19Following the pandemic linked to the coronavirus, solidarity action was initiated in Mauritania, with a view to helping the populations of the municipality of Tékane. Thus, the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) joined the movement. She has decided to suspend her solidarity actions around the Community Pharmacy Project, underway in Tékane, the time of confinement.

During the confinement period, ACTUME will provide its support to local associations committed to the eradication of Covid-19 within the municipality. In this context, various actions have already been taken:

  • Realization of a Information letter “All against Covid-19 - Together let's save lives”.
  • Launch of a call for donations "All against COVID-19 in Tékane in Mauritania ”.
    This collection enabled the purchase of basic necessities: 5 tonnes of sugar and 200 kg of dates. The distribution operation carried out in Tékane on 23 april 2020 reached: 270 households, the 3 mosques of Tékane and the surrounding villages Gourél Boucar Sy and Gourél Sarbé. Each household received a basket made up of two essential products, namely 10 kg of sugar and 1 kg of dates. This solidarity action, intended to bring help and comfort to the poorest and most vulnerable social categories, in particular widows, the elderly and people with disabilities ... Download the report
  • Carrying out of a first solidarity action, April 10: purchase of gloves, masks, soaps and support for needy families. Download the financial report.


A watchword #Rstezvous
As said Steve lambert “I have a petition to sign: “Love each other. Who wants to help? " to save lives.

Download the report: All together against Covid-19 Find out more: http://ibm.biz/covid19tekane

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