Assemblée générale 2 mars 2024

Assemblée générale 2 mars 2024

General Assembly in person or remotelySamedi 2 mars 2024

  • Sur Place à partir de 14H
    At Oumar KANE
    4 Place Charras, 92400 Courbevoie
  • Distance à 16H30
    Link : AGACTUME 2 mars 2024


Consultez l’ordre du jour et le Pouvoir à signer : here

  1. Rapport moral et d’activités de l’année 2023 ;
  2. Présentation des comptes arrêtés au 31 décembre 2023 ;
  3. Approbation du Bilan 2023 ;
  4. Prévisions d’activités 2024 ;
  5. Questions diverses ;
  6. Appel adhésions 2024 en ligne : bulletin adhésion 2024
  7. Nomination des membres du Comité d’Administration ;
  8. Constitution du bureau.

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Replay de la conférence : « Contribution de l’Agroforesterie par les Arbres ‘Fertilitaires’ »

Replay of the conference: “Contribution of Agroforestry by 'Fertilitarian' Trees”

The Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants of Tékane in Mauritania is launching a series of conferences and debates for pharmacy users from February 2024. The first conference was moderated by Mansour NDIAYE, Agroforestry Expert and Executive Director ofAVF-Sn association (Green and Fertile Africa Senegal) Saturday February 10. Below are the different elements summarizing his intervention.

Contribution de l’Agroforesterie par les Arbres ‘Fertilitaires’

Contribution of Agroforestry by 'Fertilitarian' Trees

The Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants of Tékane in Mauritania is launching a series of conferences and debates for pharmacy users. The first conference will be hosted by Mansour NDIAYE, Agroforestry Expert and Executive Director ofAVF-Sn association (Green and Fertile Africa Senegal) Saturday February 10 from 10 a.m..

Conference theme

“Contribution of Agroforestry through 'Fertilitarian' Trees to Sustainable Agriculture and Food/Nutritional Security of Agricultural Households in Sub-Saharan Africa”

  • Presenter: Mansour Ndiaye, Agroforestry Expert
  • Location : on the spot at the Community Pharmacy of Tékane in Mauritania or at distance via Zoom: Live from Tekane
  • Date: Saturday the February 10, 2024
  • Time : 10am (GMT)

Follow the conference remotely via Zoom: Live from Tekane

Summary of the Theme:

The conference will highlight the significant contribution of agroforestry, in particular through the use of 'Fertilitarian' trees, to the promotion of sustainable agriculture and the guarantee of food and nutritional security of agricultural households in Sub Africa. -Saharan. Mansour Ndiaye, as an agroforestry expert, will share his knowledge and experience in the field, highlighting the ecological, economic and social advantages of this innovative approach.

Download the summary: here

Objectives of the Conference:

  • To raise awareness on the principles and benefits of tree-based agroforestry 'Fertilitarians'.
  • Explore the implications of this approach for sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Put highlight the crucial role of 'Fertilitarian' trees in improving the food and nutritional security of agricultural households.
  • Encourage implementing sustainable agroforestry practices within farming communities.

This conference aims to bring together stakeholders from the agricultural field, local communities, researchers, government officials and NGOs to foster dialogue and collaboration for a more sustainable agricultural future in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaker biography

Mansour Ndiaye
Agroforestry Expertr and Executive Director of Executive of the AVF-Sn association (Afrique Verte et Fertile Senegal)

He is at the origin of the introduction in Senegal of the Agroforestry System by THE 'Fertilizer Trees' through the NGO APAF Senegal (Association for the Promotion of Fertilizer Trees, Agroforestry and Forestry) which he himself founded in 2014 and of which he was the Executive Director until October 2020.

During this period, thanks to the vision of Mansour Ndiaye, the NGO APAF Senegal intervened in several regions of the country to promote agroforestry using 'Fertilitarian' Trees in rural areas.

After 7 years of service, he left APAF Senegal to create with a group of agricultural producers from the Senegal river valley (in Ndiarème walo) the association AVF-Sn ('Afrique Verte et Fertile' Senegal) of which he is currently the Director executive.

AVF-Sn is a member of a Platform of Pan-African Organizations of the same name, pursuing the same Missions and Objectives in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso.

To find out more see:

Follow the conference remotely via Zoom: Live from Tekane

Watch the slideshow
🌟🏥 L’ASPT et la communauté de Tékane unies pour un Centre Hospitalier Brillant 🏥🌟

🌟🏥 ASPT and the community of Tékane united for a Brilliant Hospital Center 🏥🌟

Thank you for your outpouring of solidarity!

The construction of the Tékane health center is a laudable and essential initiative for the well-being of the community. The fact that the high school, local youth and the community pharmacy responded enthusiastically to the call from the ASPT association of Tékane, demonstrates a strong spirit of solidarity and commitment to the common good.

The cleaning of the Tékane hospital center is an important step in improving local health conditions. This not only helps provide a healthier environment for patients and medical staff, but also builds community trust in the healthcare system.

By working hand in hand, these local actors not only accomplished a concrete task, but they also strengthened community ties. These initiatives promote a sense of belonging and collective responsibility for the health and well-being of all.

#ASPT #Solidarity #Commitment #Chospital Center 🌟

The Association of Extracurricular Activities of Tékane (ASPT), as a mobilizing organization, also deserves to be saluted for its role in coordinating these efforts. Their ability to bring together different actors to work together towards a common goal is a positive example of what solidarity can achieve.

Hopefully these supportive actions will inspire other communities to undertake similar initiatives to improve local living and health conditions.

Centre de santé de TEKANE
Picture gallery

N’Diaye Ciré KANE, un homme affable, a gardé la grande sagesse des anciens de Tékane…

N'Diaye Ciré KANE, an affable man, has kept the great wisdom of the elders of Tékane...

It is African tradition to respect, honor and even venerate elders. Today we have the opportunity to celebrate our former Ndiaye Ciré Kane.

This child from Tékane left his native village in 1951 for Dakar, in search of new horizons, before landing in France in 1957.

Of 1976 to 2010, this Franco-Mauritanian managed the Keur Samba, a nightclub, located rue La Boétie, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, very close to the Champs-Élysées. Big stars have passed there: Stevie Wonder, Serge Gainsbourg, princes, presidents, world-famous sportsmen, etc.

If his career is one of the most respectable, we celebrate him, above all, because of his personality. He says that “the first of elegances lies first of all in sincere humility”. What a great life lesson from someone who has something to be proud of!

This affable man has preserved the great wisdom of the elders of Tékane. It is pleasant for us to stay by his side, to listen to him recount the life of the village of his youth which has never left him.

His generosity has marked the entire history of the Tékanois. He is the first to provide electricity to this village, and this free of charge.

Here’s an example for us!

For more information, see:

Testimony of Oumar DIAWARA

Oumar DIAWARA, friend and brother of Ndiaye Ciré KANE
Dîner de solidarité, 11 novembre 2023 à Courbevoie – Rendez-vous à ne pas manquer !

Solidarity dinner, November 11, 2023 in Courbevoie – Not to be missed!

The ACTUME association invites you to a Solidarity evening on November 11, 2023 in Courbevoie, for the benefit of our community projects in Mauritania and in honor of our eldest Ndiaye Ciré Kane, Founder and former Managing Director of Keur Samba on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. This evening will be under the high patronage of Saidou Kane, economic operator in Senegal, with the invited association Thilogne Association Development (TAD).

Thank you to our previous sponsors for the solidarity support :

Mois sans tabac 2023. En novembre, on arrête ensemble ! Rendez-vous le 11 novembre à Courbevoie

Tobacco-free month 2023. In November, we quit together! See you on November 11 in Courbevoie

On the occasion of the month without tobacco, was created around the ACTUME association a group made up of the Courbevoie Town Hall, the Souffle Ile-de-France Foundation, and theSavoir Sport Santé association to inform about the risks of tobacco. This is an important initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and encourage quitting this harmful habit.

On the program is a “Breath measurement” workshop led by the Dr Jean-Michel GRAS of the Fondation du Souffle and Dr. Annick DI SCALA of the Savoir Sport Santé association, which will take place on Saturday November 11 at the Courbevoie Event Center.

This activity can be very informative for participants, as it will help understand the effects of smoking on lung capacity and how physical activity can help improve respiratory health.

Tobacco-free month 2023

Don't forget to check out the solidarity dinner program for more information about this event. This is an opportunity not to be missed to support this noble cause and to help raise awareness among more people about the risks of tobacco.

An appointment not to be missed!

All revenue collected will be used to finance our projects in Mauritania: solidarity holidays, purchase of medicines for the Tékane community pharmacy, support for the needy. Consult the dinner program.