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Team of 7 IBMers Solidaires!

ibmers solidairesOn the occasion of IBM centenary (2011) the Company initiated a program called “Being an IBMer Solidaire”. This program gives all employees the opportunity to sponsor a humanitarian association free of charge by devoting 8 hours of his working time.

Thus, Actume called for volunteers for two projects: redesign of the association's website; optimization of communication tools

For these two projects, Actume benefited from the services of 7 IBMers specialists in new information and communication technologies (NICT):

- Stuart Culshaw: design, production and technical support;

- Henri Rimbaud: specialist in social networks and graphic designer;

- Michael Slebir: Web marketing - promotion and optimization of research tools;

- Pernilla Peytavin: Web marketing: promotion of the website;

- Willem Gabilly: internal communication, social networks;

- Marion Lomenech: audiovisual support (intern);

- Oumar Kane: coordinator (Service Leader).

NB : The team achieved more than 350h (instead 48h) since the launch of the project in June 2011.

Website redesign project in pictures

action solidaire

Call for volunteers - 06/15/2011 
formation joomla

Joomla training - 09/12/2011
Pot de l'amitié - Remerciement

 Pot of friendship - 07/18/2012

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The different stages of realization

  • June 15, 2011Solidarity Forum in Action - “Becoming a solidary IBMer” - Animation of information stands, meeting associations and committed IBMers. This forum brought together 9 associations including: ACTUME, French Red Cross, Lorette and Fugain association… Actume's stand was hosted by Ousmane Mamadou Kane and Oumar Kane.
  • December 9, 2011 - Training - Management of the ACTUME website - led by Stuart Culshaw: presentation of the new website (model) and transfer of skills to members of the ACTUME association. Participants: Oumar Diagne, Abdoul Kane, Abu Sarr, Mamadou Elimane Kane. Today's program : here
  • March 24, 2012 - Launch of the website and electronic newsletter, on the occasion of world tuberculosis day
  • July 18, 2012: friendship drink organized by ACTUME to benefit volunteers. Thank you to the volunteers and to the Patronage department of IBM. The new website will be presented to members and supporters of the association on October 6, 2012 on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of the ACTUME association in Courbevoie.

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Design - June 2011 - March 2012
Association ACTUME warmly thanks them!

Scientific committee

The association created a scientific committee on January 10, 2004. It has an advisory role and will give its opinion on the orientations of the association. In July 2010, Actume set up a Board of Directors which replaced the scientific committee.