Dîner de solidarité, 6 novembre 2021 à Courbevoie

Solidarity dinner, November 6, 2021 in Courbevoie

Solidarity evening for the benefit of the community pharmacy and valuation of medicinal plants in Tékane in Mauritania, under the patronage of the Association des Femmes de Touldé Dimath in France. The association is organized around the maintenance of social links between its members, the preservation of cultural traditions.

 Courbevoie Event Center

7, Boulevard Aristide Briand - 92400 Courbevoie


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(Health pass compulsory)



Child: 5 €; Teenager : 10 € ; Adult : € 20; Couple + 2 children: 50 € (Free from 3th child)
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All revenues collected will be used to finance the recruitment of
3 people for the Tékane Community Pharmacy in Mauritania.
For more information, see: https://actume.org/pharmacie

Solidarity dinner

8 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Flat : Yassa - Dessert : fruit salad + Drinks exotic


7 p.m. : Home
8 p.m. : Solidarity dinner, entertainment provided by solidarity artists
10 p.m. : Focus on the Community Pharmacy project
10:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. : Guest artist Mr. Malick DIA - Boolumbal Group

Other solidarity artists : Ali Wagué, Bintou Naibily, Ben Ball Bass,
Demba NDiaye Dilaan, Mamadou Dem, Thioub Issa Dikel.


Breath measurement workshop
led by: Dr Jean-Michel GRAS, Fondation du Souffle
and Dr Annick DI SCALA, the Savoir Sport Santé association
on the occasion of tobacco-free month (November)

Exhibition hosted by Nathalie LAMBEAUX: sale of lacquer paintings
for the benefit of the Tékane Community Pharmacy

Parade: African women in the spotlight

Children's area
with animations and make-up workshops, led by Aïcha SOUMARE

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(Please note: health pass compulsory)

Rapport d’activité 2020

2020 activity report

Our 2020 activity report is online! This year, for the first time, it is available in two formats:

  • a pdf format the full report, which can be viewed online or downloaded;
  • a digital version highlights, key figures and achievements, our partners, etc.

2020 was an exceptional year due to the context of the pandemic. Despite this difficult situation, the ACTUME association was able to carry out important actions.

We take this opportunity to warmly thank all the natural and legal persons who have contributed to the various actions carried out. (more…)

Mois sans tabac 2021. En novembre, on arrête ensemble ! Rendez le 6 novembre à Courbevoie

Tobacco-free month 2021. In November, we quit together! Go to Courbevoie on November 6

On the occasion of the month without tobacco, was created around the association ACTUME a collective made up of the Courbevoie Town Hall, the Souffle Ile-de-France Foundation, and theSavoir Sport Santé association in order to provide information on the risks of tobacco.

Events not to be missed:

Animation workshop Solidarity Gala for the benefit of the Tékane Community Pharmacy in Mauritania
Measurement of breath animated by:
Dr Jean-Michel GRAS, Fondation du Souffle and Dr Annick DI SCALA, the Savoir Sport Santé association
Saturday 6 November at Courbevoie event center (reception room).

Consult the program : Solidarity dinner

Mois sans Tabac 2021

Tobacco Free Month 2021

Consult the program : Solidarity dinner


Tobacco Free Month 2021

Learn more about the Tobacco Free Month: 2021 edition

Aidez-nous à sauver Coumba SY, une jeune mauritanienne de 10 ans !

Help us save Coumba SY, a 10-year-old Mauritanian girl!

After among others the support of Cheikhou SAKHO and of M'Barka FALL, the ACTUME association needs your generosity to save Coumba SY's life.

Coumba SY is a 10-year-old Mauritanian girl. She has a tumor in her right shoulder. She must undergo urgent surgery in Nouakchott in Mauritania. We need funding to make it happen.

She is supported in her care in Mauritania by our local partners, Dr Hamedine KANE, Dr Hala Mohamed Moussa and Famate Ndiaye KANE for the relay with the family. By the way, we thank them warmly.

Thanks also to Dr Pascale CAIRET for facilitating surgical management.

The funds collected will be allocated exclusively to the budget intended to help the most disadvantaged people.

We are counting on you !
thanks in advance

Contacts in Mauritania :

  • Dr Hamedine KANE: +222 46 09 26 00;
  • Famate KANE: +222 37 29 53 62
Votre souffrance est la mienne !

Your suffering is mine!

Jean-Philippe RYKIEL, Malick DIA (Boolumbal Groupe), Abdoul Aziz BA, Hamedou DIAKHO, artists in solidarity with ACTUME to support the Tékane Community Pharmacy in Mauritania.

Listen and download the song in giving a symbolic participation to finance our actions in Mauritania - Thank you in advance for your outpouring of solidarity.

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Artistes Solidaires avec ACTUME

Artists in Solidarity with ACTUME: Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Malick DIA, Abdoul Aziz BA and Hamedou DIAKHO


The text of this song was written by Oumar DIAGNE, member of the ACTUME association.

Buy and Download the digital track

All rights reserved - actume.org - September 2021

Your suffering is mine

Do not believe that my distance

Has definitely separated us.

I still keep you in my heart

And, every day my mind turns to you

And I wake up thinking about your sorrows.

So despite the hectic life I lead I find time

And find out how to make our life better.

I would like us to reach out

So that together we make the sun shine.

The night has been so long The many sufferings.

Our fate depends on us;

That is why we must fight together.

My wish is that we are united

And we struggled to remove all misery from our countries

Mr. Oumar DIAGNE

====> Read the transcript and the translation in Pulaar

All rights reserved - actume.org - September 2021

Pharmacie Communautaire et Valorisation des Plantes Médicinales dans la Commune de Tékane en Mauritanie : un projet porteur d’espoir !

Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants in the Municipality of Tékane in Mauritania: a project of hope!

The pharmacy project and VPMT was initiated in a context of progressive degradation of the ecological environment, poor care medical, despite the still recoursee persistent, of the use of the products of natural resources. This project will facilitate access to healthcare for all by making the community pharmacy a place of orientation, information and discussion devoted to the health of the most disadvantaged. Likewise, it will improve the quality of health care thanks to drug traceability and ensure continuous prevention in the municipality.

This pharmacy is a continuation of the program carried out in Mauritania by the ACTUME association from 2010 to 2016: Loyalty program for lost TB patients of view and sensitization of the population of the municipality of Tékane, in Mauritania, "about tuberculosis". This program has made it possible to support dozens of patients and consult more than 17,000 patients for a population of 23,823 inhabitants of the municipality of Tékane. Beyond the initial program, the pharmacy project will provide an extensive and permanent health service for all the diseases encountered during the various health caravans, not only to the populations of the municipality of Tékane, but also to the populations of the neighboring villages. .

In addition to the pharmacy project itself, this project includes a training space, a social space, an ecological dimension (reprocessing and solar) and an area relating to research in phytotherapeutic cultivation and reforestation. In short, it will be a space for social ties, awareness of ecological issues, research and innovation. For more information, see: Community pharmacy.


Environmental education session for the benefit of women and young people of Tékane in #Mauritania : the rational use of pesticides, the establishment of nurseries for medicinal plants, water pollution, #deforestation, climate change and desertification. July 30-31, 2021.


Videos of testimonials and progress of the site from the laying of the 1st stone to the delivery

Other videos…

See also the Photos:

Source : AST - Valorization of Medicinal Plants Project in Tékane (VPMT)

The Valorization of Medicinal Plants in the Municipality of Tékane (VPMT) project was officially launched on July 8, 2019. It is partly based on another project, that of Community Pharmacy, initiated and executed by the NGO ACTUME. Some activities are interdependent: its component linked to the establishment of nurseries for the regeneration of selected medicinal plants. These said plants must be at the site of the Community Phamacie with a plan to install a demonstration center and a packaging unit for medicinal plant-based products.

As a reminder, the VPMT project is the result of a partnership between the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) and the Health Association for Tékane (AST). The two associations, working in perfect synergy, work for the socio-health and economic development of the municipality of Tekane through the organization of medical caravans and technical assistance to local development structures. The relevance of the project, initiated by ACTUME and supported by partners such as PMF / GEF / UNDP encouraged mobilization to ensure funding.

A partnership agreement with the AST, a dedicated organization, was established as part of the implementation of the project, thus integrating the valorization of medicinal plants in its actions in order to provide a wider range of therapeutic means in support of the means. of conventional medicine.

Project funding covers the main activities, including: a situation analysis of medicinal plants in the municipality of Tekane, training / awareness of stakeholders and populations in environmental education, the establishment and operation of a demonstration center and a packaging unit for medicinal plant products and the acquisition and installation of equipment among others. Other equally important activities which are partially covered are also envisaged. These include the development and functionality of nurseries intended for the sowing of medicinal plants and their establishment in spaces intended for their regeneration, the assurance of adequate project management with a monitoring / evaluation program, communication and reporting of project activities.

The last quarter of 2019 was the period of the start of project implementation and resulted in the analysis of the situation of medicinal plants with the assistance of a team of field investigators. The survey was carried out during the month of February 2020 and the report filed in May-June 2020.

With the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic and its restrictive effects, activities were suspended from March to October 2020 only to resume after the reduction of measures with the completion of a high-impact action in the month of November. This is the activity relating to training / awareness / environmental education for which a first activity was organized at TEKANE.

A strong recommendation followed by a decision was observed during the supervision meetings held in November and December 2020 with the project supervisor and the President of the AST to act on the strengthening of the coordination structure of the VPMT project for more efficiency and efficiency in the actions to be carried out. This is how the project was improved by recruiting resource persons including a monitoring / evaluation officer, a studies and training officer, a laboratory officer, a person responsible for relations with training institutions in the field. of the environment.

AST communications officer

Source : AST - Valorization of Medicinal Plants Project in Tékane (VPMT)

Vitaville 2021 – Fête des associations à Courbevoie : Dimanche 5 septembre

Vitaville 2021 - Festival of associations in Courbevoie: Sunday September 5

New this year - Vitaville au Numérique: the associative e-forum that comes to you!
This year is special and as you know, the Covid crisis is impacting all of our public events.

As in previous years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). ACTUME animates a stand (n ° 49) to inform you about its activities in France and Africa. It is also an opportunity to recruit volunteers.


Sunday September - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Jean-Pierre Rives sports area
7 boulevard de Verdun
92400 Courbevoie

ACTUME awaits you at BOOTH n ° 49
Download the program and plan: Vitaville 2021

Find out more: Vitaville au Numérique: the associative e-forum

L’association PHENIX accorde à ACTUME un don de 15 palettes de masques d’une valeur de 105.000 €

The PHENIX association grants ACTUME a donation of 15 pallets of masks worth € 105,000

The PHENIX association recently supported our association by delivering a lot of 15 mask palettes, made of 240 boxes each containing 500 Type 2 masks, either 120,000 masks and 3,000 € for transport costs. This donation will be sent to Mauritania to support our local partners (Ministry of Health, Tékane community pharmacy, partner associations etc.). The value of the donation is estimated at 105,000 €.


Awards RMI 2020 : ACTUME, association de l’année

RMI Awards 2020: ACTUME, association of the year

For ACTUME, this award rewards our actions in Mauritania: health caravans, the Community pharmacy, and the Tékane health center… Thank you very much to all of our volunteers.


It is a great honor for the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) to be awarded by RMI Awards. It goes straight to our hearts.

Our association

Created in 2002, at the initiative of a tuberculosis patient, it aims to:

  • Inform and raise awareness around tuberculosis and endemic diseases in France;
  • Support health projects in Africa.

The association is open to everyone. It owes its dynamism to a close-knit team.

Our achievements

ACTUME has carried out among others in Mauritania:

  • Monitoring of tuberculosis patients;
  • Training of community health workers;
  • The Organization of Health Caravans from 2012 to 2018 which helped treat more than 17,000 patients;
  • Construction of a community pharmacy with a herbal medicine area.
  • We have just launched the construction of a modern health center which will be equipped with a medical ambulance.

This ACTUME success owes it to the solidarity commitment of its volunteers.

Thank you again for awarding us this trophy.

Find out more: RMI Awards 2020

Download the script: RMI Awards 2020