pnlt dr traoreAccording to the national coordinator for the fight against tuberculosis and leprosy Doctor Abdallahi Traoré, present in Tagant to relaunch awareness-raising activities on the dangers of tuberculosis and encourage patients to regularly follow their treatment, this low rate is in fact only the submerged part of the Iceberg.

"In reality, the phenomenon is more widespread and its effects formidable for populations which are mainly destitute" he will say.

The major awareness-raising operation that was initiated with the awareness-raising of regional administrative authorities (the Wali in the lead) and which will cover the populations of the three Moughataas of Tagant will, according to Dr Traoré, make it possible to reverse this trend and prevent any form of complication. (multi-resistance and Ultra-resistance).

The national coordinator for the fight against tuberculosis and leprosy, who spoke at length with the administrative officials and the medical team of the Dras du Tagant, expressed confidence in the effectiveness of the fight against tuberculosis at the level of the Tagant.

He subsequently praised the State's efforts to fight poverty through the EMEL 2012 operation and its impact on the fight against tuberculosis, a disease largely linked to undernourishment and malnutrition.

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