I donate to save lives!

Our association intervenes in the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania since 2009. We have carried out among others: Loyalty program for lost to follow-up tuberculosis patients and sensitization of the population of the municipality; Training of community agents (8) ; Health caravans (7) which made it possible to consult more than 17,000 patients. Now we have a project in progress: Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants in Tékane.

The city of Tekane is located in the Trarza Region. It has about 23,000 inhabitants. Tékane, capital of the district of the same name, is located 55 km east of Rosso, regional capital of Trarza. The activities of the populations of the municipality are predominantly extensive agriculture and livestock. Access to healthcare remains relatively limited for the majority of the population.

On March 13, 2020, Mauritania recorded its first case of infection due to COVID-19. Following this event, the Mauritanian state implemented a set of health and security measures to limit the spread of this pandemic. This system is necessary but nevertheless presents limits, given the production systems based, essentially, on an informal sector which occupies the daily life of the vast majority of our compatriots. It thus appears obvious that our fellow citizens must be supported by an unwavering commitment on the part of everyone within the limits of their means.

Workers living in developed countries benefit, almost all, from systems put in place by their state, guaranteeing them remuneration and the maintenance of their jobs during the current period of confinement. What about our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, who live from day to day, without any help or support? How do they manage to survive in a situation where their movements are limited?

The way of life of the populations of our country and the low incomes of the Tekan people make effective compliance with the hygiene measures recommended by the Mauritanian state difficult to apply without accompanying measures. In addition, the low level of exploitation of the main irrigated areas of the village, as well as the new constraints linked to the current pandemic, accentuate the precarious conditions of households.

This situation risks generating a serious and tragic food situation with high levels of malnutrition. All these difficulties, added to the hazards mentioned above, make the rigorous application of emergency or even containment measures risky. Also, they show the limits of the measures taken by the community.

Our village, Tékane, perhaps more than others, is thus very exposed to the devastating effects of this virus. As a result of all these elements, we have taken the initiative to call on all goodwill for a strong and rapid mobilization with a view to effectively dealing with the situation generated by the pandemic linked to COVID-19 through:

  • fundraising with a view to helping households and the health center to acquire resources,
  • training and mobilization on the ground of young people, responsible for popularizing barrier measures to protect themselves, as well as possible, from COVID-19.

We are going through a difficult time of crisis which we can only overcome by being united and by acting with faith and determination. Faced with this challenge, any contribution is welcome. Let us show solidarity and generosity.

Let’s be generous.

I donate to save lives!