Tekane Health Center in Mauritania

The sectoral objective is to contribute to the populations' universal access to health. The Tekane Health Center (CST) project has the specific objective of improving patient care in the municipality of Tékane. The main achievements planned by the project were: the construction and equipment of the Tekane Health Center, the acquisition of a medical ambulance and capacity building.

Thus, a subsidy contract, amounting to 387,537 euros, was signed in June 2020 between a Swiss Foundation and the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME). ACTUME has entrusted the technical and financial management of the project to the Association Santé Tékane (AST), within the framework of a partnership agreement signed in June 2020.

The Ministry of Health and the beneficiaries have supported the implementation of the project since its conception. The initial project implementation period was planned for a period from June 2020 to May 2022. Due to various constraints related in particular to the pandemic and the resizing of the project, the project activities were adjusted mid-term and refocused on the construction of buildings.

Consult the website of the Tekane Health Center: dranklletin.actume.org/centresantekane/

Tekane Health Center

Support from the Mauritanian Ministry of Health

The Tekane Health Association and ACTUME have taken steps with the State to acquire the equipment, in order to fill the gaps due to architectural changes and price increases. Thus, the batches of equipment (social medical equipment, laboratory equipment and materials, office equipment and furniture, stomatology equipment, medical imaging and ambulance equipment) worth 11,145,955 MRU or €295,794 will be provided by the Ministry of Health, which has initiated the procurement procedures.

More recently, the project managers were received on July 6, 2022 by the Minister of Health who instructed the acquisition of the center's equipment. The equipment acquisition procedure initiated in 2022 is almost complete, with the exception of the two lots (Stomatology and IT equipment and office furniture planned for 2023).

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In conclusion, the completion of the CST construction works depends on the mobilization of additional resources of €30,000 by ACTUME. It is therefore rescheduled in March 2023.

The complete equipment of the center is planned for June 2023. In the continuity of the actions, it envisages the search for additional financing to consolidate the achievements, to carry out the construction of housing for key staff and the solarization of the center to be able to achieve the planned objectives of improvement of the quality of care for the benefit of very enthusiastic populations who have really taken ownership of the project.

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