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Ladies and gentlemen,

My first words will be for you the organizers of this Health Caravan.

Bravo for your energy and your enthusiasm throughout the organization of this event and especially for your commitment during this 3rd edition.

I want to fraternally greet the ACTUME association, the Santé Tékane association, the partners and the guests here present.

You are our strength, our vanguard, our best way to act. I want to tell you how much we need you.

SWAHIFRI CONSULTING is an agency responsible for supporting all national or international companies, communities and associations in the development of their communication strategies both internally and externally.

At the external level: we help promote the image of companies to the public, external partners, suppliers, etc.
Internally: we use our expertise for the benefit of companies in order to unite staff around the company's objectives.

As part of our component, " Solidarity development », It is with great pleasure that we joined the ACTUME Association for the organization of this 3rd Health caravan.

This wonderful humanitarian action made it possible to provide free care to the populations of the municipality of Tékane, then to detect and list certain common pathologies and finally to take care of and refer needy patients to the most suitable health structures.

Your approach is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for the youth and for all the people who want to put in place actions having a positive impact for their country.

This is why I am honored to participate in this great project which works in the humanitarian sector with a view to providing free healthcare and promoting health for all.

Getting together is a start. Staying together is progress. Working together is success ”, thus spoke ... Henry ford.
Thank you for your attention ! Good night

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Aissata KANE
President of Swahifri Consulting

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