PPM & ACTUME join forces again to save lives!

We have been working with PPM for more than eight years. PPM & ACTUME join forces again, through an agreement, to save lives. Beyond what this facilitates for us, it also testifies to the importance and credibility acquired by the ACTUME association.

After three (3) years of solidarity collaboration, within the framework health caravans in Mauritania, where PPM has provided the association with the drugs necessary for this activity, the new agreement will allow the purchase of drugs and equipment intended for Tekane Community Pharmacy,

It will also promote awareness-raising actions in the field of health. It will help in the training of pharmacy staff and health professionals in the use of these drugs.
The following partnership agreement is proposed:


  • provide a subsidy of €2,000 for the purchase of medicines plus €3,000 of financial contribution for construction;
  • train, assist and advise on good practices to improve access to care and medicines;
  • be the intermediary to supply through wholesalers – medicines to the Pharmacy according to the order form received;
  • act as an intermediary for the delivery by wholesalers of the drugs purchased at the community pharmacy in Tékane;
  • help the management team to arrange the equipment of the said pharmacy;
  • donate communication products and kits (kimonos, blouses, order books, exhibition furniture, training supplies, etc.).

In return, ACTUME undertakes to:

  • appoint the contacts for the management of the pharmacy;
  • buy PPM INTERNATIONAL drugs distributed in Mauritania corresponding to our needs by aligning with the price of the NGO wholesaler (CAMEC);
  • not to sign a partnership contract with a direct competitor of PPM located in Mauritania during the period of the commitment;
  • promote the image of PPM INTERNATIONAL (logo) in all communication media relating to our actions in Mauritania: banners, posters, cars, T-Shirts and other communication actions (press kits, website, videos, social networks …);
  • distribute the leaflets, videos or information provided by PPM INTERNATIONAL on the sites chosen as part of the training.

This agreement is concluded for the period of one year from 03/04/2022 to 03/03/2023.

Any possible renewal of the collaboration between PPM INTERNATIONAL and ACTUME must
be, where appropriate, the subject of a new agreement.