A health caravan called “Health for all” will be held in Mauritania on April 24, 25 and 26, 2015 in the municipality of Tékane.

This humanitarian action will be organized by the association ACTUME in collaboration with the Association Santé Tékane located in Nouakchott, the association Rivages N'Diawane, and the support of the Ministry of Health and the town hall of Tékane in Mauritania.

The main objective is to first provide free care to the populations of this locality, then to detect and list certain common pathologies and finally to take care of or refer needy patients to more competent health structures. This event concerns the following specialties: general medicine, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics and nutrition.

The planned sites: Tékane, Dara Salam, Techteyat, Aker, Gani, Barwadji, Médina Salam, Lemharia, Médina Fanaye, Leksar Barick, Niang Boul.

Caravane de Santé 2014 - Small reminder of the previous edition….

The ACTUME association in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Tékane, had organized its second edition of the free medical consultation and care caravan from April 18 to 21, 2014. The launch of the operation took place in Tékane , under the effective chairmanship of the chief physician of the department of Rkiz, Mr., Mohmed El Hafeth. Under the slogan "health for all", this edition brought together a parterre of national and international doctors including five dentist-surgeons, three gynecologists, ten generalists, two ophthalmologists, two pharmacists, two biologists, and an orthopedist. It had also mobilized an ambulatory dental center managed by two dental surgeons and two senior health technicians. In addition to Tékane, five other sites were created following the emergency: Gani, Aker, Oum El Ghoura, Dara Salam and Limharia.

Always in the continuity of this united spirit ...

The novelty in this 2015 edition is the participation of the Communication Agency "Swahifri Consulting" specializing among others in the field of solidarity development and events and the Tekane Health Association which is made up of health professionals who have always supported and participated in the success of previous editions of the Health caravan.

Other partners will join us for the smooth running of this activity. For any further information please consult the website www.actume.org

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