Construction work on the Tékane Health Center, a building with 1,200 m2 of built surface area, is on the home stretch. They were carried out and financed by the mobilization and united efforts of the villagers to the tune of 16 million MRU. Now, it mainly remains to carry out the work relating to securing the main building and improving access to the center, as well as its connection to the electricity network.

This flagship project is implemented by the associations (ACTUME/Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases and AST/Association Santé Tékane) in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

The State, which provides its unwavering support for this program, takes charge of the health center equipment. A medical ambulance and laboratory and radiology equipment have already been made available by the Ministry of Health.

It is within the framework of regular monitoring of the project that Mr. Mohamed Lemine Mohamed El Hadj, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health received on August 24 a delegation composed of President ACTUME and President AST and Coordinator and Supervisors of the Tékane Health Center Project (CST). Indeed, the leaders of these associations hold regular consultations on the Tékane Health Center project with local, regional and national authorities.

The tracks have been identified to allow additional work resulting from this year's heavy rains to be carried out and also to complete the center's equipment.

The Ministry of Health and the associations have reaffirmed their commitment to successfully completing this important project to meet the expectations of the populations of the Moughaata (prefecture) of Tékane. The Secretary General invited project managers to contact regional authorities to facilitate the completion of the remaining project activities.

Done in Nouakchott August 24, 2023

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