The Fondation du Bénévolat awards Golden Palm to Oumar KANE!

logofondationbenevolatvisuelpalmeorOn the occasion of the annual dinner of the Presidents of the Courbevoie associations, the Courbevoie Town Hall, organizes a medal ceremony to the 4 Courbevoisian recipients of the Palmes du Bénévolat.

This ceremony is chaired by Madame Michèle ALLIOT-MARIE, former Minister of Defense and President of Volunteer Foundation and sir Jacques KOSSOWSKI, Mayor of Courbevoie.

ceremonie de remise officielle

ceremonie de remise officielle1

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Thank you all for the many messages of sympathy ===> Read the messages relayed via social networks by @Constance BORDES and @Loïc BOIREAU, IBMers Solidarity and volunteers at @actume : Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

To find out more about the winner's career, read the testimony of Oumar DIAGNE, member of the ACTUME association: solidarity journey of Oumar KANE