oumar diagneMy name is Oumar DIAGNE, volunteer for the ACTUME and Rivages NDiawane associations in Tékane. First of all, I would like to thank you for having created this space "Podium des Bénévoles" of the Association "ACTUME" to allow volunteers to express themselves.

I take this opportunity to come back to my memories of TEKANE in Mauritania where the associations mentioned above intervene, of which I am an active member. I will title my testimony " Remember !

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Yes ! It was in Tékane that I received my greatest lessons in life!

Remember those years that rocked our youth.
We were united in the same family.
Tékane, on the shores of N'Diawane, offering us so much love,
That we did not imagine that it was possible to live otherwise.

tekane Oumar diagneThrough our narrow streets,
We met tender smiles.
At every corner of the house,
We met
An uncle, a grandpa, an aunt, a mother,
A grandmother, a grandfather, a cousin
With whom, we shared a balm of the heart.

Yes ! Remember, we were from the same family.
We were happy to live together
And share, with joy, our resources.
Do you remember, in the evening, the fishermen,
Coming back from their long day at work,
Who threw at the kids,
Who would run in all directions, fish,
The heart guai.

Remember mom who, after dark,
Sneaked discreetly between the alleys
In order to provide assistance to people in need.

Do you still hear papi Farba Bocar Diop's voice
Who urged us to unity.

soleil Oumar diagneDo you remember the tales of grandmother who, after the sun has set,
Gathered us together to tell uplifting stories.
She who initiates us to solidarity.

We were frolicking happy and reassured
Thanks to the benevolent gaze of the elders
Ah! Do you remember Uncle Oumar Sy Hamet
When we waded through N'Diawane,
You had no interest in going over the authorized limits.

After the evening meal,
Once our forces are gathered,
We met in Karadjie
And play policemen and thieves.
We trod the tall grass of our generous savannah.
Guala, the devastating force, pushing us around

How could you forget
The kindness of our elders?
Don't take me for a dreamer,
I tell you about what I lived!
Our fathers taught us to love our enemies.
This is the biggest lesson of my life that I drag.

I keep deep in my soul
The love of the elders.
They who taught me to walk straight.
Reach out to me so that we honor
The soul of our ancestors.
It would be too unfair to forget
What they left us.

film Oumar diagneFaces come back to me
I cannot name them all.
Remember the teasing of Tané N'diawogne Guaye
Remember daddy Sembèke with his baggy pants
Remember the wisdom of old Elhadj Mamadou

Sounds and flavors have forever marked my senses.
Do you remember Bint Gueye's thiep,
Mamadou Fati's tea?

Ah! Tékane, my little village,
How could I talk to you about my attachment to you.
It is true that some of your sons have disappointed me
But I was able to hold on thanks to the memory of the ancients underground.

Oh ! My brother comes let's celebrate together
The memory of the ancients.
I would like that from the heavens
May they be proud of us.
Do not forget that there are men who have lived only thirty years
Who live forever
And that others, having lived a hundred years, have definitely disappeared.
Be an ardent defender of eternal values
So that we find our warm Tékane.

reunion sous arbre a palabreOh ! You, my cousin, know how to be lucid
And separate what passes and what is eternity: love
Be a quiet river with flowery banks.
May your heart be at peace
And see the party in all our villages!
Tékane, Thianguaye, Diamath, Fanaye,
Diagnoum, Niakwar, Médina Saldé, Bokhoul,
Dara-Salam, Fada, Dioli, Gani, the Oulad Aïd,
We are from the same family

It was so beautiful to live with us,
Not so long ago
It was the time when our sages guided us.
Today there are no more scouts
In our region.
What a disaster !

I almost died of despair
But the memory of the ancients sustains me.
Today, a glimmer is emerging.
Some conscientious young people are there
And chart the course for a better future.

ecoleMy brothers, I would like us to be worthy heirs.
Heirs to director dad Abdoul Ciré Kane.
He who knew how to combine tradition and modernity,
Wisdom and knowledge,
Kindness and honesty.

Yes ! It was in Tékane that I received my greatest lessons in life.
I never forgot it.
I continue on my way
In search of eternal truths
But I know that it was in Tékane that I was initiated.
I saw good and wise there.
I remain a child despite the wounds of life.

The weather is nice, here, far from you Tékane,
However, images come back to me.

troupeau Oumar diagneI still see herds of cows
Cross Karadjé, green after the first rains.
The smell of its damp red earth still reaches me.
I see the old wise men under the palaver tree
Telling each other youth stories and overwhelmed by giggles.
Our elders were children.

Do you remember the teasing we shared with our old folks
On every street corner ?
They who had nevertheless crossed the ages,
Live, in me, every day.
They remain my guides.
Their wisdom and meekness pursue me everywhere
Despite my torments.

I miss them so much these beautiful faces
They, whose peace of mind cradled my childhood.
Yes, I haven't forgotten these beautiful souls
Which nourished my first steps in the forest of life.
They who had known how to purify their soul.
And had childish laughter
They understood the transience of life.
Come on my brother
And let's climb together
The mountain of purification.

I have traveled a thousand countries
And I understood that love is victorious
So what do you mean that we start together
The path to inner purification?

rythmes-danses-sandicoly-senegal-07I remember the joy that reigned in Tékane.
In the evening, the young girls gathered
In public places to dance under the moonlight.
Their hand claps
Irradiated our hearts with joy.
Under the rhythms of a drum and a flame
From a wood fire,
We organized wrestling sessions:
Remember Guaya N'diawogne,
From Bilal, from Lamine Camara, from dad Alia Diop
That made us laugh.

tekane fin Oumar diagneSolidarity was essential with us.
Remember when we used to cultivate the lonely widow's field.
This was the time when caring for the other mattered.

The time has come to come together
And build our little beautiful village, Tékane.
Come on my brother, my soul full of joy
And of peace and builds a resplendent future.

More about the author read: SERENGETI in the shade of the mal, Harmattan edition, 2011 - 154p.


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