The Tekane Reforestation Initiative (IPRET) carried out reforestation of medicinal plants in the green space of the Community Pharmacy and the Town Hall of Tékane.

This beginning of rehabilitation of local plants was carried out concomitantly with the health caravan of Tékane organized by AST/ACTUME.

It was made possible thanks to the support of the Small Grants Program / Global Environment Facility (GPS/GEF). This came to support the project to promote medicinal plants in the municipality of Tékane.

This project is carried out in the field by the Tekane Health Association (AST). It was initiated by the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME).

This beginning of the rehabilitation of plants of local medicinal plants and the establishment of a nursery of medicinal plants at the level of the community pharmacy of Tékane were carried out from January 21 to 24, 2022.

The official launch of the activities was marked by the planting of medicinal plants, mainly of local species, from:

  • Coordinator of the Valorisation of Medicinal Plants project in Tékane
  • Acting President of the AST and Head of Mission of the Tekane Health Caravan
  • President of the Dental Sukabé Tékane association (DST)
  • Representative of the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases
  • President of the Diabetes Association
  • President of the Mauritanian Health Volunteers
  • President of the extracurricular association of Tékane (ASPT)
  • President of the Tekane Reforestation Initiative (IPRET)

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