oumarkaneThis testimony was produced by Oumar DIAGNE, member of the Board of Directors and in charge of external relations of the ACTUME association.

To understand a person as well as possible, it is often necessary to delve into their personal history, to know where they come from, in what environment they were educated?

Oumar Kane was born in the sixties in Tekane. This village in southern Mauritania, located on the banks of the Senegal River was, at that time, marked by a very humanistic state of mind.

Tékane was one family where solidarity was a highly regarded value. Very early on, many young people got involved in actions aimed at improving the living conditions of the villagers. Oumar Kane therefore naturally grew up in an environment that encouraged commitment to humanitarian causes.

Thus, when he was only a young student, he was a member of the DENTAL Association of Tékane, in Mauritania. He was its treasurer. In those years, there were many youth associations in Tékane, but the DENTAL Association was among those most appreciated because of its seriousness.

The circumstances of life made Oumar Kane end up in France. In this country, he fell seriously ill, the victim of extremely severe bone tuberculosis. His fight against this disease will strengthen his convictions and pushed him, with some friends, to create, in 2002, Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME), originally known as the Association Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (ACTMR).

This association, Oumar Kane takes it very seriously. Almost every day, after work, he spends countless hours dealing with cases. Sometimes, despite his exhaustion, he persists in finalizing them.

What marks above all in this person is, without doubt, his modesty which, sometimes, borders on effacement. This does not prevent him from being determined to bring his ideas to fruition. So we can only be happy to see ACTUME do wonderful things in Mauritania.

Each year a health caravan is organized and thousands of people are treated. But the most significant outcome of all this work is certainly the achievement of a community pharmacy which will allow destitute people to have access to medicines of which they were, until then, deprived because of their poverty.

Much remains to be done in Mauritania and perhaps, one day, elsewhere. But, we know the determination of Oumar Kane who, not only, knows how to invest but also, to gather around him people with skills, natures of character and very varied cultures.

The ACTUME Association, through its president, shows that it is possible with only a little will to change the condition of people in complete destitution and dereliction.

For those who do not know the situation in which live the populations benefiting from ACTUME actions, we insist to tell them the brilliant nature of the idea that Oumar Kane had. You just have to go to the scene to see the difficulties they are facing.


ACTUME will continue to live thanks to the will and the energy of its president and will carry out many more actions which, until recently, seemed impossible.

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Oumar Diagne, author of:
SERENGETI in the shadow of evil, The Harmattan
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