It is African tradition to respect, honor and even venerate elders. Today we have the opportunity to celebrate our former Ndiaye Ciré Kane.

This child from Tékane left his native village in 1951 for Dakar, in search of new horizons, before landing in France in 1957.

Of 1976 to 2010, this Franco-Mauritanian managed the Keur Samba, a nightclub, located rue La Boétie, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, very close to the Champs-Élysées. Big stars have passed there: Stevie Wonder, Serge Gainsbourg, princes, presidents, world-famous sportsmen, etc.

If his career is one of the most respectable, we celebrate him, above all, because of his personality. He says that “the first of elegances lies first of all in sincere humility”. What a great life lesson from someone who has something to be proud of!

This affable man has preserved the great wisdom of the elders of Tékane. It is pleasant for us to stay by his side, to listen to him recount the life of the village of his youth which has never left him.

His generosity has marked the entire history of the Tékanois. He is the first to provide electricity to this village, and this free of charge.

Here’s an example for us!

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