On the occasion of the month without tobacco, was created around the ACTUME association a group made up of the Courbevoie Town Hall, the Souffle Ile-de-France Foundation, and theSavoir Sport Santé association to inform about the risks of tobacco. This is an important initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and encourage quitting this harmful habit.

On the program is a “Breath measurement” workshop led by the Dr Jean-Michel GRAS of the Fondation du Souffle and Dr. Annick DI SCALA of the Savoir Sport Santé association, which will take place on Saturday November 11 at the Courbevoie Event Center.

This activity can be very informative for participants, as it will help understand the effects of smoking on lung capacity and how physical activity can help improve respiratory health.

Tobacco-free month 2023

Don't forget to check out the solidarity dinner program for more information about this event. This is an opportunity not to be missed to support this noble cause and to help raise awareness among more people about the risks of tobacco.

An appointment not to be missed!

All revenue collected will be used to finance our projects in Mauritania: solidarity holidays, purchase of medicines for the Tékane community pharmacy, support for the needy. Consult the dinner program.