Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this sponsorship

As Saidou Kane is “very honored and very grateful to have been chosen as sponsor of this great event”, ACTUME is and would like to express all its gratitude and thanks from the bottom of its heart for this sponsorship. .

Thanks to your support, Actume strengthens its conviction in the noble objectives for which it was created and has great hopes of realizing its projects and achieving its objectives. Grateful for your trust and unfailing support, ACTUME publishes below in its entirety your warm and enthusiastic speech and strongly applauds this meeting.

Ousmane Abdoul KANE, representative of the sponsor Saidou KANE

Mr Mayor of Courbevoie,
Mr President of the ACTUME Association,
Honorable guests.

It is an honor and a great privilege for me to address this honorable audience, to convey to you the message of Mr. Saidou Kane, prevented for reasons beyond his control, from being among you.

You can't imagine how honored and grateful he is to have been chosen as sponsor of this great event.

Mr Saidou Kane, like his uncle N'diaye Ciré Kane, is a courteous, humble and discreet man. If he accepted with pleasure and gratitude to sponsor ACTUME, it is to express his gratitude to this association which has established itself through concrete actions carried out for the benefit of vulnerable communities.

Economic operator, originally from Tulde Dimath, a locality located on the banks of the Senegal River Valley, Mr Saidou Kane has always fought, not only for the emancipation of rural areas but also to provide support to the most needy village communities. .

For the love of his country and his people, he emigrated to Europe for a few years. But above all it was the search for opportunities and partners to encourage them to invest and work with him in Africa.

If, Mr Saidou Kane has succeeded in his business, this is proof that his courage and determination have been rewarded.

From its success, all the village communities of its native land benefit through social and humanitarian actions which help to alleviate suffering.

His generosity and his proximity to the village communities of the Valley transcend borders. Communities living in Mauritania, on the right bank of the Senegal River, particularly those in Tékane, benefit from its support in setting up local assistance programs.

His story is a great example of success based on perseverance, courage and generosity. For my part, I hope that this story inspires other people of good will to contribute to the well-being of communities in need.

I thank you for your kind attention and wish you great success in your worthy enterprise.

Nouakchott, November 11, 2023