Press release – Tékane July 14, 2022

Ibirth of the Solar Pumping Plant, the Community Pharmacy and the Garden of Medicinal Plants in Tékane in Mauritania

  • 3 sister associations
  • 3 operations favoring the structuring of the local economy
  • A united village and actor of its own development

The Mauritanian diaspora like all those in the world has maintained a very strong link with its country of origin. Several solidarity actions are carried out by the latter, most of them anonymously. These actions are essential because they contribute to the development of the countries of the continent and the improvement of the well-being of the populations. The projects implemented affect practically all sectors of activity: health, agriculture, education, training, income-generating activities, etc.

After years of work, AQAFI (Aquitaine Afrique Initiatives) was able to set up in Tékane, Mauritania, a Solar pumping station and ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases), in partnership with AST (Tékane Health Association), a Community pharmacy and a garden for the promotion of medicinal plants in Tékane.

As regards the agricultural solar pumping plant, it will increase productivity and reduce the operating costs of the FRAY-BROSSE agricultural cooperative while fighting against pollution and climate change. This third and final phase of the project cost 78,297 euros with all valuations; the first two phases represented an overall cost of more than €129,000.

As for the community pharmacy, it will facilitate access to care for all, by making the community pharmacy a place of orientation, information and exchanges dedicated to the health of the poorest. Likewise, it will improve the quality of health care thanks to drug traceability and will ensure continuous prevention in the municipality. For its realization it was necessary to collect the sum of €98,810.

The medicinal plant garden piloted by the AST, for its part, aims sectoral to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations and to the preservation of the environment, the biological heritage and local knowledge in terms of phytotherapy. Its specific objective is to develop a chain of production and distribution of medicinal plants in the municipality of Tékane. Its establishment required the sum of €49,500.

In total, an amount was invested in the 3 projects amounting to €226,607 or 8,559,780 MRU

The three (3) highlights of the inauguration:

  • July 28 – 5 p.m.: Press conference at theAzalai Hotel Nouakchott in Mauritania
  • July 30: Inauguration in Tékane and visit of the units concluded with a festive dinner. 
  • August 2 to 5 : Meetings with the authorities and association members

We invite you to a presentation of the work accomplished and to share with us a friendly moment to celebrate the happy results of all these efforts for an inclusive development of our territories.

For more on the three associations and the three projects, see the press kit.

Also read the website: Inauguration in Tekane…


  • Mr. Alioune SY, Director and Founder AQAFI: +33 662 83 83 55
  • Mr. Oumar KANE, President: +33 680 59 02 50
  • Dr Mamadou Saïdou KANE, President AST: +222 46 46 44 99 47
  • Madame Fatimata SY, Honorary President: +222 46 43 00 04 14