Dr Ibrahim KANE died on Thursday, December 31, 2020 in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Founding member of the Association Santé Tékane (AST) and Sympathizer of the ACTUME Association
Ibrahim, my big brother

That I also know under the name of Cayenne,

I like to write raw.

Because my wound is alive.

The feather is my only weapon.

One of my little brothers told me you were gone.

I hardly cried.

Cause the pain has never left me

I am a pain of existence.

I always remember when we were in "Paalaa",

I was very young,

But I remember your love

From that of Karaasse Kane, of Dialé Kane,

From Sédhèkh Ould Ciré and so many others whose souls were full of kindness.

My childhood is forever marked by this love received.

Go and rest by the endless rivers of peace.

Oumar DIAGNE, Deputy Secretary General of the ACTUME association.

Author of: Remember ! and SERENGETI in the shadow of evil.