Jean-Philippe RYKIEL, Malick DIA (Boolumbal Groupe), Abdoul Aziz BA, Hamedou DIAKHO, artists in solidarity with ACTUME to support the Tékane Community Pharmacy in Mauritania.

Listen and download the song in giving a symbolic participation to finance our actions in Mauritania - Thank you in advance for your outpouring of solidarity.

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Artistes Solidaires avec ACTUME

Artists in Solidarity with ACTUME: Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Malick DIA, Abdoul Aziz BA and Hamedou DIAKHO


The text of this song was written by Oumar DIAGNE, member of the ACTUME association.

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All rights reserved - - September 2021

Your suffering is mine

Do not believe that my distance

Has definitely separated us.

I still keep you in my heart

And, every day my mind turns to you

And I wake up thinking about your sorrows.

So despite the hectic life I lead I find time

And find out how to make our life better.

I would like us to reach out

So that together we make the sun shine.

The night has been so long The many sufferings.

Our fate depends on us;

That is why we must fight together.

My wish is that we are united

And we struggled to remove all misery from our countries

Mr. Oumar DIAGNE

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All rights reserved - - September 2021