THE TEKANE HEALTH ASSOCIATION (AST) and THE ASSOCIATION AGAINST TUBERCULOSIS AND ENDEMIC DISEASES (ACTUME), join forces with the inhabitants of Tékane, the Mauritanian people and the diaspora to pay tribute to the late Dr Ibrahima KANE.

Ibrahim was a rare pearl for his community, for his compatriots but also for all those who knew him. A man's worth, they say, is measured against his human values; but also by its ability to mobilize, raise awareness, serve ...

Ibrahima was one of that kind of people who with a look, with a word, could captivate you and draw your attention to the essential. He was comfortable with people of all ages. Thus, many are those who classified him in the age group of his little brothers. For the love of his neighbor, Dr Ibrahima KANE worked to set up the AST. He is also a supporter of the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME).

His life was constantly animated by a concern to come to the aid of those in need. He was a founding member and Secretary General of AST. Its moderating and unifying nature has greatly contributed to the results achieved by the two sister associations in improving the health of the populations of the municipality of Tékane.

After his brilliant university studies carried out in Morocco and Belgium, crowned by the obtaining of a doctorate in medicine and a master's degree in public health / epidemiologist, Dr Ibrahima KANE held senior positions in Mauritania and within the World Organization of Health. He was successively Director of Kaédi Hospital / Chief Physician of the Regional Health Unit of the Wilaya of Gorgol, Director of Hygiene and Health Protection, WHO Senior Officer in charge of polio eradication in Africa (Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, Cote d'Ivoire). As such, he initiated the fight against polio as National Director by establishing an effective action plan which enabled the country to be among the first to have eradicated the disease. With the same determination and the same professionalism, at the regional level, he had a distinction in 2010 in recognition of his efforts in the fight for the eradication of this disease.

Dr Ibrahima epidemiologist left with the peace of mind of a duty well accomplished by having lived the realization of his dream of eradicating polio. On August 25, 2020, he co-signed with fifteen of his WHO colleagues the certificate attesting to the eradication of this serious disease in Africa (The lancet, Global Health, October 2020).

The emotion was immense at the announcement of his return to ALLAH SWT. The various reactions manifested following his death clearly testify to the attachment to the illustrious personality who disappeared from all those who knew him.

For those who have had the chance to rub shoulders with her, on a daily basis, professionally, socially, we express all our compassion and measure the great void he leaves behind. We say that "it is ALLAH that we belong and it is to Him that we return".

We have a deep and pious thought for his family and we can say with certainty that some people, if they are not irreplaceable in society, leave an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. We count Ibrahima among those precious beings who mark our lives.

Dear Ibrahima, Thank you for everything and for all of your actions for the community and the constant efforts made throughout your life to improve the health of the populations of the country and the continent; also for the example that you left us on the professional level and the model of generosity and modesty that you were!

We pray ALLAH SWT to open the doors of His Mercy to you and welcome you in His Holy Heaven "EL FIRDAWS"

Rest in peace Big brother!


AST and ACTUME associations