controle de lhypertension arterielle 1Improving access to quality care by Mauritania !

We are pleased to inform you that theHealth Association for Tékane (AST), in collaboration withAssociation for the Fight against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) and the partners, intends to organize, for the first time, sessions of screening and management of diabetes and arterial hypertension in the town of Tékane, from April 4, 2019.

These sessions will take place in three phases (screening - confirmation and registration - management) and will be coupled with consultations and treatment of certain endemo-epidemic diseases.

41536557692 101cafb739 k 1014x569The estimated financial cost of these activities in 2019, apart from drugs, is 577,109 MRU or 13,740 euros.

In accordance with its statute, the AST supports the health development of the municipality with the mission of promoting and preserving personal and community health within the framework of the National Health Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thanks to your technical and financial support during previous activities (previous caravans, one-off consultation missions, support for various event meetings), the AST and its partners were able to mobilize several national and foreign doctors (general practitioners and specialists), dental surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, community health workers, etc. .

The momentum of mobilization was remarkable in each activity thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health, regional health authorities and officials, the Moughataa and the municipality as well as partners (national and international organizations, NGOs, Operators economic etc.).

A special mention goes to all our nationals in Europe, the USA, Senegal, executives from Nouakchott and other towns in Mauritania, women's associations, youth associations, groups, volunteers and long-standing partners like ACTUME

Also, the Association Santé Pour Tékane will once again be able to count on your support for the success of these activities.

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