Message (08/08/2021) from SALL Abderahmane,
Senior Nurse at the Tékane Health Center, Mauritania

Peace be upon you as well as the mercy of God and his blessings.

Dear honorable parents, friends, inhabitants of Tékane and its municipality, I greet each one in his name and first name.
It is I, SALL Abdarahmane, nurse Major of the Tékane Center, who is speaking to you through this audio.
I take this opportunity to alert you to the dangers of this pandemic called Covid-19 which is causing a lot of damage across the world.

As you know, it is possible to discuss, from the cloud cover on the sky, if it is going to rain or not and what in them. But once the rain has fallen, the water has flowed everywhere and ponds have settled in the heart of the village and people fall into them, there can be no more discussions.

Faced with a dramatic situation where there is no longer any doubt, we must help each other with a view to guarding against its consequences and combating it. Thus, we should protect the elders already affected by various ailments and fragile. If we are not careful, there will be calamities in our lands.

I can hardly stop people from gathering, but my duty is to warn. Covid-19 is spreading in Tékane and across the world. Everyone must therefore be careful in order to protect their neighbor from this terrible disease. We would therefore have to respect the barrier measures and thus limit our movements, wear masks, wash your hands, hang a distance of two meters from your partner.

I have already informed the health authorities of the situation. We still have to fight together.

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Source : message (08/08/2021) in Pulaar from SALL Abderahmane,
Senior Nurse at the Tékane Health Center, Mauritania.

Translated into French by Oumar DIAGNE, ACTUME

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