Since 2011, the association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) has organized a solidarity dinner every year in Courbevoie. On this occasion, information relating to the association's activities, its completed projects and those to come is presented to all members of the association, volunteers and a large diaspora.

Evening of solidarity in honor of Ndiaye Ciré KANE

This year, we honored our eldest and dean, Ndiaye Ciré Kane, Founder and former Manager of Keur Samba on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The event was placed under the patronage of Saidou Kane, economic operator in Senegal, and welcomed, as a guest association, Thilogne Association Development (TAD)

The evening of solidarity was particularly marked by the humility of an affable man, in this case, Ndiaye Ciré KANE which wisely points out that “the first of elegances lies first of all in sincere humility”. Watch the video : here

Our supports!

We were also honored by the presence of:

  • Marie-Pierre LIMOGE, 1time Deputy Mayor of Courbevoie and Catherine NIGHTSHADES, in charge of community life
  • Mr. Ndiaye Ciré KANE, our dean in France accompanied by Oumar DIAWARA and Thierno Amadou SOW and Amadou DIA, Dimat diagram
  • Guest association Thilogne Développement represented by El Hadj KA and the members of the office of the said association
  • His Excellency Mr. Aurélien TACHE deputy for Val-d'Oise represented by Aly SY
  • Tidiane KOITA, Director of the Villepinte town hall office and Deputy Mayor in Saint-Pathus
  • Professor Ousmane DIAGANA, President FISO – Confederation of Soninké Associations
  • Marie-Hélène CAMP, representative of the company MIR France
  • Soulé NGAIDE, deputy mayor responsible for social cohesion, Les Ulis
  • Bocar Oumar BA (AJD/MR) accompanied by Amadou Birane BALL and Thierno TOURE
  • Daouda GUEYE, Municipal councilor in Palaiseau
  • Rougui DIA, AVOMM association
  • Sheikh DIENG, representative of the Progressive Forces for Change (FCP)
  • Adama BA, representative of the Union for Democracy and Progress (UDP)
  • IBMers in solidarity with ACTUME: Claire Herrenschmidt, Constance Grosselin, Willem Gabilly, Stuart Culshaw, Jean-Luc Chassang, Marie-Claire Vincent etc.
  • The delegation of friends of Normandy led by Amadou Danfa and numerous associations who came to provide their support
  • Our early support Sabine DELONGEAS coming especially from the Dordogne.

We express our gratitude to His Excellency Mohamed Yahya TEISS, Ambassador of Mauritania, who should have been represented by Amadou Samba BA. However, the latter found himself unable to attend due to family circumstances.

An atmosphere of solidarity and sharing!

This festive annual meeting attracted around 330 participants. It made it possible to raise the sum 8650 € not counting the estimated participation of sponsors 20.000 €.

The programming followed the following sequence:

  • Word of welcome ofOumar KANE, president of the ACTUME association
  • Speech by Marie-Pierre LIMOGE, deputy mayor of Courbevoie, Catherine MORELLE, Responsible for community life, Courbevoie town hall;
  • Presentation video by Ndiaye Ciré Kane, guest of honor and that of Saidou Kane, sponsor of the evening
  • Presentation and actions of the invited association, El Hadj KA, president of the Développement Thilogne association (ADT). Many thanks for the support.
  • 2023 actions and perspectives of the ACTUME association, Oumar KANE, Oumar DIAGNE, Stuart CULSHAW

Actions and perspectives of the ACTUME association

Achievements in Mauritania (2014-2023)

Our projects in 2024

  • Organize solidarity holidays individually or in groups!
  • Realize a solar installation at the Tékane pharmacy to make the pharmacy independent in terms of energy.
  • Establish a mutual health insurance to finance the most disadvantaged
  • Implement the solution digital management from the pharmacy (website)

Organize individual or group solidarity holidays (1 to 5 weeks). They emphasize meeting local populations and visiting the solidarity actions carried out by our association. You share the daily life of village communities, interact with our partner associations and NGOs, and participate in various activities such as health, ecology, training, etc. Learn more: useful travel

Download : achievements and projects 2024

Subsequently, various personalities took the floor to demonstrate their commitment to ACTUME. Some shared the motivations that lead them to get closer to the association, expressing their unwavering support for this noble charitable work.

Launch of the festivities

After the presentation of the achievements of the ACTUME association, the launch of the festivities was inaugurated with a parade, featuring women. We attended a wonderful, colorful session where the beauty of African women was sublimated. A special tribute is addressed to Kana KANE for his remarkable contribution to the success of this moment of the evening.

Parade: African women in the spotlight!

Artists in solidarity with ACTUME

Like every year, we have benefited from the constant support of artists who have accompanied us since the start of this initiative. These loyal partners were joined by a surprise guest, the young, talented and respectful Advise.

Their presence contributed to making the evening exceptional, allowing communion with the large audience present, immersed in a collective trance. The following artists honored this event with their presence: Jean-Philippe RYKIEL, M. Daouda DIEYE, Ali WAGUE, Dilanne (Dembe NDIAYE), Moussa Watt, Ndéye Coumba DIA.

We express from the depths of our hearts our most sincere gratitude to them.

Back in pictures

Tidiane KOÏTA, municipal elected official in France, in solidarity with the ACTUME association

Mr. Aurélien TACHE, Member of Parliament for Val-d'Oise and President of France-Mauritania Friendship in solidarity with ACTUME

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