Thank you for your outpouring of solidarity!

The construction of the Tékane health center is a laudable and essential initiative for the well-being of the community. The fact that the high school, local youth and the community pharmacy responded enthusiastically to the call from the ASPT association of Tékane, demonstrates a strong spirit of solidarity and commitment to the common good.

The cleaning of the Tékane hospital center is an important step in improving local health conditions. This not only helps provide a healthier environment for patients and medical staff, but also builds community trust in the healthcare system.

By working hand in hand, these local actors not only accomplished a concrete task, but they also strengthened community ties. These initiatives promote a sense of belonging and collective responsibility for the health and well-being of all.

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The Association of Extracurricular Activities of Tékane (ASPT), as a mobilizing organization, also deserves to be saluted for its role in coordinating these efforts. Their ability to bring together different actors to work together towards a common goal is a positive example of what solidarity can achieve.

Hopefully these supportive actions will inspire other communities to undertake similar initiatives to improve local living and health conditions.

Centre de santé de TEKANE
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