Return of Nah to Mauritania, February 23, 2023

  • Health bulletin: March 5, 2023
    To Dr Pascale CAIRET, Face au Monde Foundation and Mr Oumar KANE, ACTUME Association

NAH returned to Mauritania in good health after 6 months of treatment in Spain — Thank you for your élan de solidarity!

On behalf of the Petit Nah family and the Foyer de l'Enfance, I will simply say thank you and express my infinite gratitude. Nah has been back in Nouakchott since Friday February 24, 2023.
The stay in Spain lasted from September 4, 2022 to February 23. Everything went well according to Aram, his companion. NOW, “Nah doesn't fall like before, he manages to use his two upper limbs and eats and drinks on his own. » What a pleasure to read!

On his return, we met in Nouakchott the doctor – pediatric neurosurgeon – who had requested his evacuation to Spain. The latter appreciates the quality of care he received in Spain.

After a few days in Nouakchott, the child returned to his village called Guebin (25 km from Rosso).

We, as well as Nah's parents, are all infinitely grateful to you. Thanks in particular to Dr Pascale Cairet and the ACTUME association for their financial support.

Thank you for all you do to help the poorest to rediscover the joy of living, be abundantly blessed.

 Lucile for the Children's Home in Dar Naïm
Dar Naim, March 5, 2023
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Evacuation of Nah in Spain since September 4, 2022

  • Health bulletin: September 29, 2022

The "Solidarity Childhood Foundation" of Spain agreed to take care of the NAH child at the Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza in SPAIN.

He has arrived in Spain since September 4, 2022 and had his first date on Monday September 5. He has started his medical examinations. MRI and CT show nothing that could interfere with the operation. He will soon be admitted to the hospital for further treatment. We will keep you informed of the continuation. 

Thanks to your support, ACTUME was able to take care of the steps for NAH and its companion for the evacuation to Spain.

Download the report of the Monitoring & Expenses Committee: click here

Thank you all for your outpouring of solidarity.

EL Housseïne NAH, 2-year-old Mauritanian needs you!

Thanks to your generosity, the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) was able to save:

Today again, we need your precious support in order to help the child El Housseïne NAH, a 2-year-old Mauritanian.

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