After among others the support of Cheikhou SAKHO and of M'Barka FALL, the ACTUME association needs your generosity to save Coumba SY's life.

Coumba SY is a 10-year-old Mauritanian girl. She has a tumor in her right shoulder. She must undergo urgent surgery in Nouakchott in Mauritania. We need funding to make it happen.

She is supported in her care in Mauritania by our local partners, Dr Hamedine KANE, Dr Hala Mohamed Moussa and Famate Ndiaye KANE for the relay with the family. By the way, we thank them warmly.

Thanks also to Dr Pascale CAIRET for facilitating surgical management.

The funds collected will be allocated exclusively to the budget intended to help the most disadvantaged people.

We are counting on you !
thanks in advance

Contacts in Mauritania :

  • Dr Hamedine KANE: +222 46 09 26 00;
  • Famate KANE: +222 37 29 53 62