Support the Community Pharmacy and the Garden of Medicinal Plants of Tékane in Mauritania to SAVE LIVES!

The Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants in the Municipality of Tékane (VPMT), was initiated in a context of poor medical care and progressive deterioration of the ecological environment, despite the still persistent use of products from natural resources.

The pharmacy has been operational since July 30, 2022. It will facilitate access to care for all, by making it a place of orientation, information and exchanges dedicated to the health of the poorest. Similarly, it will ensure the improvement of the quality of health care through drug traceability and a permanent health prevention strategy within the municipality of Tékane.

In addition to the pharmacy itself, this project includes a training space, a social space, an ecological component through research into phytotherapeutic cultivation and reforestation. In a word, it is a space for social ties, awareness of ecological issues, research and innovation. Learn more, see:

Description of expenditure items

The funds raised will be used exclusively finance the recruitment of a pharmacist. The annual salary is estimated at 6000 € or 500 € per month. This pharmacist first ensured the management of the community pharmacy and the garden of medicinal plants and finally the supervision of the staff already recruited. It is : 

  • A pharmacy clerk,
  • A surfactant (maintenance),
  • A versatile technician
  • A gardener

After 2 years of activity, the community pharmacy will become autonomous and will itself pay for the remuneration of its staff and the purchase of drugs. 

Thanks in advance for your support.