N'Deyga died on Monday June 5, 2023 in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

The Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME) regrets to announce the death of N'Deyga SOW, Monday, June 5, 2023 in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The members of the association are deeply saddened. Our thoughts are with his parents and family. We offer them our sincere condolences.

Some information to know:

In Mauritania, she received medical services such as consultations, medical tests, scanners, MRIs, and other examinations. 

In addition, the steps to obtain a passport and a visa at the French embassy were also successfully completed. A plane ticket had been purchased for a trip from Nouakchott to France. However, the trip was postponed pending the finalization of the analysis of the medical file.

Unfortunately, the operation was cancelled, and it was decided to continue the chemotherapy in order to stabilize the disease before the evacuation to France. Sadly, despite all efforts, N'Deyga could not be saved and died on Monday June 5, 2023 in Nouakchott. We send our thoughts, condolences and support to his parents and family. We sincerely thank you for your solidarity.

Thanks everyone! 

Thanks to your support, ACTUME was able to buy his ticket, carry out the visa formalities, establish his passport, and take care of the steps for N'Deyga for the evacuation to France.

Thanks to Mamadou YATE and Mrs. Christine BERGOUGNOUS, Mauritanian Association for the Well Being of Women and Children (AMBFE) for monitoring in Mauritania; Ousmane Abdoul KANE, ACTUME Mauritania; Dr Gérald FRANCHI and Dr Pascale CAIRET, Face au monde Foundation in France.

The call for donations of February 27, 2023:

After the support we had  El Housseine NAH, Coumba SY, Cheikhou SAKHO and M'Barka FALL among many others, the ACTUME association needs your generosity to save the life of N'Deyga SOW.

N'Deyga SOW, a 12-year-old Mauritanian girl, suffers from a tumor on her face. She no longer goes to school, can hardly play and shout with her friends. She is withdrawn into herself and suffers 24 hours a day in silence. 

Why support?

Three organizations immediately joined the momentum of solidarity.

We need your benevolent solidarity in order to bear the costs that we have to incur in Mauritania and during his stay in France. Iit is about: 

  1. the purchase of his return plane ticket Nouakchott-Paris;
  2. visa fees and insurance;
  3. the costs of consultations, analyzes and prescriptions in Mauritania;
  4. support for the host family in France.

His parents, totally destitute, do not have the means to meet his health needs (consultations and medical analyzes among others). His family is counting on your kindness and your outpouring of solidarity.

The funds collected will be allocated exclusively to the budget intended for the care of the poorest. We are counting on you and your solidarity. Thanks in advance ! 

Project leaders

  1. Face the World Foundation
  2. Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (CURRENT)
  3. Mauritanian Association for the Welfare of Women and Children (AMBFE)
  4. Tékane Community Pharmacy


  • Mr. Oumar KANE: +33 6 80 59 02 50
  • Mrs. Christine BERGOUGNOUS: +33 6 45 05 45 52
  • Dr Pascale CAIRET
  • Fatimata SY (ACTUME): +222 43 00 04 14
  • Mamadou Yathé BA (AMBFE): +222 22 25 10
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