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25 avril 2024 : Journée mondiale de lutte contre le paludisme

April 25, 2024: World Malaria Day

Malaria (or malaria) is the most common parasitic infection in the world. Caused by the transmission of a parasite during an infected mosquito bite, this disease affects millions of people each year, mainly children under five...

Aidez-nous à sauver Mamadou SARR, un mauritanien âgé de 44 ans !

Help us save Mamadou SARR, a 44-year-old Mauritanian!

Mamadou SARR deserves your support in order to benefit from the care he urgently needs! Mamadou SARR, 44 years old, developed an illness which started with a swollen foot with blisters on the skin. Despite traditional treatments and...

24 mars 2024 – Journée Mondiale de lutte contre la Tuberculose

March 24, 2024 – World Tuberculosis Day

The theme of World Tuberculosis Day 2024 — “Yes!” We can end TB! » — relays a message of hope that it is possible to get back on track and roll back the TB epidemic, by mobilizing high-level leaders, increasing investment, and promoting faster buy-in to the new WHO recommendations.

Rapport d’activité 2023

Activity report 2023

In 2023, the ACTUME association carried out important actions. Our activity report for this year is now available online, presented in two formats:

Contribution de l’Agroforesterie par les Arbres ‘Fertilitaires’

Contribution of Agroforestry by 'Fertilitarian' Trees

The Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants of Tékane in Mauritania is launching a series of conferences and debates for pharmacy users. The first conference will be hosted by Mansour NDIAYE, Agroforestry Expert and Executive Director of the AVF-Sn association (Afrique Verte et Fertile Senegal) on Saturday February 8 from 10 a.m.

Bonne et Heureuse année 2024

Happy New Year 2024

The ACTUME team wishes you a happy new year 2024
Solidarity and Sharing will always be at the heart of all our ACTIONS!

Solidarity actions in Mauritania

Achievements 2022-2023 A look back at achievements in Mauritania Tacko GUEYE, Manager and head of the Community Pharmacy of Tékane.. .