Volunteering at ACTUME

Do you want to share, enhance, enrich your experience? Are you a pupil, student, health professional, or other…?

At ACTUME, all goodwill is welcome. You can support our activities throughout the year or during one-off events or actions, depending on your availability. Contact us for more information !

Below are some examples of possible areas of intervention:

In France

  • Optimization of the association's website and its communication tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Establishment of a communication plan
  • Health project management: methodology, fundraising, ...
  • Awareness days
  • Annual Support Gala

In Mauritania

The volunteer podium

Sharing experiences! Our volunteers speak up.

Confinement Solidaire : #covid-19, #tuberculose

Solidarity containment: #covid-19, #tuberculosis

Maïry KANE, Solidarity with ACTUME Today is March 24: the world day against tuberculosis, and also my birthday! In this period of confinement, I decided to respect the rules and stay at home, just like my friends who ...

Parcours Solidaire d’Oumar KANE

Solidarity course of Oumar KANE

This testimony was produced by Oumar DIAGNE, member of the Board of Directors and in charge of external relations of the ACTUME association. To understand a person as well as possible, it is often necessary to delve into their personal history, to know where they are from ...

Oumar KANE au podium des bénévoles

Oumar KANE at the volunteer podium

The Fondation du Bénévolat awards the Palme d'Or to Oumar KANE! On the occasion of the annual dinner of the Presidents of the Courbevoie associations, the Town Hall of Courbevoie is organizing a ceremony to award ...

Mamadou KANE au « Podium des Bénévoles ! »

Mamadou KANE at the “Volunteer Podium! "

My name is Mamadou KANE, I am 6 years old. I am a volunteer for ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases). I participated in various activities carried out by the said association. I take the opportunity to make a call: "do like me, ...

Oumar DIAGNE au « Podium des Bénévoles ! »

Oumar DIAGNE at the “Volunteer Podium! "

My name is Oumar DIAGNE, volunteer for the ACTUME and Rivages NDiawane associations in Tékane. Thank you first of all for having created this space "Podium des Bénévoles" of the Association "ACTUME" to allow volunteers to express themselves. I take this opportunity...

Mairy KANE au « Podium des Bénévoles ! »

Mairy KANE at the “Volunteer Podium! "

The "Volunteer Podium" is a space reserved for our volunteers, because without them, nothing would be done ". It is a space of free expression. Thank you for the support. If you wish to testify, please do not hesitate to contact: actume.contact@actume.org I ...

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ACTUME Bordeaux

Mailbox, n°20, Athénée Père Joseph Wresinski, 1 Place Saint Christoly, 33800 Bordeaux

Phone: +33 (0) 6 67 68 60 31

ACTUME Ile-de-France

At Oumar KANE
4, Place Charras
FR-92400 Courbevoie

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At Ousseynou KANE
19, rue Maurice Donnay
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ACTUME Mauritania

ACTUME, Chez Fatimata SY
BP 1414
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