Proud to help ACTUME save lives!

Nathalie Lambeaux, in solidarity with the association ACTUME, offers paintings for sale to support our project of Tékane community pharmancy in Mauritania.

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Auction: who says better!

The sale of 6 lacquer paintings on wood for the benefit of the Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases (ACTUME): Tree ; Cactus; Path; Market ; Starry Night ; River 

Technical characteristics :

  • 30 cm square, worked in contemporary lacquer, created in 2020
  • Unique original works by Nathalie Lambeaux, painter, registered with the MDA (Maison des Artistes).

By purchasing these paintings you donate to the association. You can deduct 75% from your donation up to € 521 per year. Beyond that, your donation is deductible up to 66% within the limit of 20% of your net taxable income. You will receive a tax receipt following your purchase.

The author's share covering his costs as well as the various costs of auction management and shipping if necessary will not be included in the amount of the tax receipt

Personal delivery will only be made against check or cash, preferably in Nogent sur Marne or Courbevoie.


Together let's save lives!

The Community Pharmacy needs you to open!
Buy a paintingMake a donation