Happy New Year 2023

The ACTUME team wishes you a happy new year 2023.
Solidarity and Sharing will always be at the heart of all our ACTIONS!

A look back at the inauguration of the Community Pharmacy, the Garden of Medicinal Plants and the Solar Pumping Plant in Tékane, Mauritania

After years of work, AQAFI (Aquitaine Afrique Initiatives) was able to set up a Solar Pumping Plant in Tékane, Mauritania, and ACTUME (Association Against Tuberculosis and Endemic Diseases), in partnership with AST (Association Santé Tékane), a Community Pharmacy and a garden for the promotion of medicinal plants in Tékane.

Help us recruit a pharmacist or a technician to save lives!

Support the Community Pharmacy and the Garden of Medicinal Plants of Tékane in Mauritania to SAVE LIVES! The Community Pharmacy and Valorization of Medicinal Plants in the...

Results of the solidarity dinner, November 5, 2022 in Courbevoie

20 years of the ACTUME association at the service of Solidarity! Solidarity dinner for the benefit of the Community Pharmacy of Tékane in Mauritania Since 2011, the association Against Tuberculosis...

ACTUME winner of the 2022 “Africa CSR Health” prize – Diapora category

This trophy rewards our actions in Mauritania: health caravans and the Community Pharmacy and promotion of medicinal plants. Thank you very much to all our members, supporters,...

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The ACTUME Association collects and disseminates knowledge on endemic diseases and supports health and development projects in Africa. We operate in France and Mauritania. Find out more ...

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Tékane Community Pharmacy

Project 2018-2020 in the municipality of Tékane in Mauritania, this initiative will facilitate access to healthcare for all by making the community pharmacy a place of orientation, information and discussion dedicated to the health of the most deprived.

Tékane Medicinal Plants Valorization Project

This project aims to develop a local sector for the production and distribution of medicinal plants in the town of Tékane in Mauritania. The project is thus consistent with the preservation of ecological heritage, in particular through its contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. Ultimately, this project could contribute to the creation of a Research and Development Center in Applied Phytotherapy (CRDPA).

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  • Collect and disseminate knowledge of all aspects of tuberculosis and endemic disease control.
  • Inform, educate and advise populations of the existence of tuberculosis and endemic diseases, in order to make the necessary arrangements to avoid the pandemic.
  • To alert physicians, policy makers, opinion leaders and the public about the dangers of tuberculosis and endemic diseases, and the community health problems associated with them.
  • Coordinate and encourage collaboration with national and international institutions pursuing a similar goal.
  • Support health and development projects in Africa.

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